About Elizabeth Gabay MW

on the beachFollowing a degree in history, and work in publishing and the theatre, I worked in the commercial wine world for a number of years since 1986, and have been a Master of Wine since 1998.

I have been living in south east France since 2002. I now write and consult in the wine regions of Provence across northern Italy, Austria to Hungary and I teach, lecture and write about modern wine regions.

My main interests rest with a combination of history and wine and the cultural history behind the styles of wine we drink today and its evolution. See my website and blog on more general wine topics at elizabethgabay.com and on the wines of Bellet at belletwine.com.

I first became interested in punch, when, after giving a series of historic wine tastings at the Sir John Soane Museum in London, The Museum of London asked if I could present a series of tasting workshops on 18th century punch for its London Eats Out – 500 Years of Capital Dining exhibition. This opened up a new world to me. With an international audience who all contributed information from around the world, I realised that this was an exciting part of the world of drinks which, in the late 1990’s was barely known.

I have since talked on punch for a number of associations and am now working on finishing what has proved to be a massive work in which I have traced the movement of evolution of punch throughout the world. As I come to the end (I hope) of this totally absorbing project, I feel ready to start this blog to follow me on the final journey to publication!

Elizabeth Gabay MW

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