Articles and Talks

For my full wine resumé, see my wine blog.

June 2013: Presenting a paper on punch in the 18th century at the ‘Under Control’ Conference, London see the video of my talk here

May 2012: ‘Punch in Celebration’ Proceedings Oxford Food Symposium 2011

April 2012: ‘Vinalia Priora – Roman Wines and the Grand Tour’ talk and tasting at the Sir John Soane Museum

December 2009: Judge for the Architectural Punch Bowl organised by Courvoisier and Bompass & Parr

December 2009: ‘Punch at Home in the 1800s’ at the Sir John Soane Museum talk and tasting. Quoted here

November 2009: ‘Punch: A Mirror of Politics and Fashion’ for the French Porcelain Society

May 2002:  Women’s Hour BBC Radio 4 on Punch

1999 Punch Tastings at The Museum of London exhibition ‘London Eats Out – Five Hundred Years of Capital Dining’

1997 Historic wines and champagne tastings at the Sir John Soane Museum

1991 ‘‘Table Top Cooking‘ in Public Eating , Oxford Symposium Proceedings 1991

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