Carrefour’s non-alcoholic Mojito drink

Mojito, a long drink made with white rum, ice, fresh mint, lime and sugar and filled with ice, it is a delightful fresh and delicate drink on hot days.

Curious as to how this non-alcoholic Mojito Carrefour would taste, presumably sold as a base mixer for either a long soft drink or a fully alcoholic Mojito, I had to give it a try.

To start with the bright green colour was a little off-putting. Maybe meant to indicate lime or mint?

On the nose, the undiluted drink was overpoweringly sugary spearmint – toothpaste or chewing gum? This was better when diluted.

On the palate the strong peppermint and lime cordial character continues. When diluted, it is reminiscent of weak lime cordial with spearmint chewing gum flavours.

When rum is added the rum flavour dominates, but unlike a fresh Mojito where the mint flavour comes from the fresh leaves muddled with the ice giving a leafy mintiness and the lime flavour has the clean acidity of the juice, the lime and mint flavours here are sucrine and artificial.

Would not buy again.